Career evolution starting within my original field of study culminated in my working within the area of research in organic chemistry. My studies took me all the way through to post-doctoral level with several papers being published as a result between 1990-1995

During the later part of the 1990s, a growing interest in computing culminated in my starting work within the IT industry - specifically the 'telecomms' sector. This experience included a very enjoyable spell spent with Swedish telecommunications giant Ericsson. This employment started prior to the large-scale downturn in the industry that followed the Millennial 3G transition period. Putting it mildly, this was not great for the company, myself, my colleagues nor many others for that matter.

After a little bit of time out finding my way again, I then started what turned out to be a very long period employed within the field of education where I taught computing (and occasionally science) to some pretty high levels. I frequently dealt with people in the IT industry during those times and being inspired no doubt by that, I have recently made a return back into the computing industry. I now work as a web applications developer with a company based here in West Yorkshire - and I love it.

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