No-one achieves anything in isolation - here are some IT companies that I have worked for / dealt with and whose activities have inspired me one way or another.

XPS Solutions Ltd

XPS Solutions Ltd are based in Hull, East Yorkshire. I have known the founder and owner Nick Hilton for ten or more years now

The company has developed a great portfolio - the creation and managing of infrastructure and after-care solutions and the implementation of some specialist monitoring software. You wouldn't be seeing this website now if it wasn't for the relationship i've developed with XPS.

Contedia Ltd

Contedia Ltd is a company based in Pontefract, West Yorkshire and is owned and operated by Tim Guest

The company carries out a diverse range of operations including software development for a variety of clients.

Retail Computer Solutions Ltd (RCS)

RCS is a family-run business that has been located in the Ossett area for a number of years now.

The company specialises in the development of software for the retail industry and has a client base all over the world.


Ericsson is telecommunications giant originating in Sweden but with interests all over the world

It's fair to say that my first real IT experience was developed with Ericsson in the late 1990s and has of course continued to the present day. Although perhaps better-known to the public at the time for their distinctive GSM handsets - the company is a major producer of the infrastructure components that power major telecommunications networks. If you are using a mobile phone to read this page then there's a fair chance that the data you are sending and receiving is passing through a piece of Ericsson hardware somewhere along the line.